Code Signing EV

Сертификат Symantec Code Signing EV
29 970 грн./год
Подтверждение: Цифровая подпись программ Тип:  EV сертификат Бренд: Digicert Доступность: Для юридических лиц Бренд: Digicert Доступность: Для юридических лиц

The EV Code Signing process can provide reputation service within browsers, operating systems and security software an additional source of confidence in applications signed with EV Code Signing certificates. Symantec has partnered with Microsoft to integrate EV Code Signing certificate status with their SmartScreen® reputation services in Internet Explorer and Windows 8. Programs signed by an EV Code Signing certificate can immediately establish reputation with SmartScreen reputation services even if no prior reputation exists for that file or publisher. This means there are potentially fewer warning messages when a user tries to run your application.

Key Features

  • Reputation in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 9
  • Extended Validation Authentication
  • Hardware Token and PIN Included in Signing Process
  • Digitally sign 32-bit and 64-bit user-mode (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap files) and kernel-mode software

Key Benefits

  • More Frictionless User Experience - Users may experience fewer warning messages when trying to run your application.
  • Increased User Confidence - Extended Validation authentication means that users can be more confident in your identity and the integrity of your application.
  • More Secure Code Signing - The necessary hardware token and PIN involved in the signing process mean that your EV Code Signing certificate can only be used by the designated developer at his workstation.

With the public release of the CABF guidelines, SSL providers will begin to offer their own versions of EV Code Signing Certificates. These offerings will all observe the basic standards set down by CABF, but developers should look to Symantec EV Code Signing Certificates for the following reasons:
• Trusted. Symantec is the #1 code signing provider to developers and publishers around the globe.
• No Hidden Costs. While some CAs may require customers to purchase tokens separately, Symantec EV Code Signing includes a hardware token.
• Secure. The Symantec hardware token complies with FIPS 140-2, the gold standard for cryptographic security.13
• Current. Symantec offers an optional timestamp to show when code was signed, bolstering users’ confidence while reducing the cost of code maintenance.

Symantec EV Code Signing Certificates work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Authenticode, a technology that identifies the publisher of signed software and verifies that it hasn’t been tampered with, before users download software to their PCs. Microsoft IE and its SmartScreen filter help ensure security by identifying and blocking downloads of malicious Java applets, plug-ins, Microsoft ActiveX controls, and other executables on IE9 and Windows 8. Additionally, the Symantec offering supports Silverlight 4 applications and complies with security requirements for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Together, Symantec and Microsoft can help ensure that users can navigate the next-generation Windows 8 operating system without worrying about the legitimacy of the applications they download. No other code signing provider can offer the same level of industry leadership, commitment to security, and tight integration with Microsoft.